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5 Ways We Get Back on Track After A Night Out Drinking

Happy humpday everyone! Today we’re talking about how to recover from drinking. Drinking in your 20’s is supposed to be fun. You’re not supposed to get hungover right?? Unfortunately, not for us. We’ll preface this by saying that we DON’T go out. We might go out once every six months, but when we do, we usually feel like we got hit with a brick the next day. This Saturday in particular we went out and had a great time in Boston but Sunday morning, we paid the price. It was a struggle to get out of bed and get any motivation to do anything. Stay tuned to see what five ways help us most to get rid of a hangover

out drinking

1. Drink lots of water

Immediately upon waking up we make sure we get out water in. That involves drinking at least 32oz before even drinking a sip of coffee. 

Best case scenario, we would be smart and think ahead and drink this water before going to bed. But that’s not always the reality, we all know once the head hits the pillow there is no way you are getting up to chug water while like a madman.

If you want to improve on regular water and have something that tastes better, Powerade or Gatorade work great (low or zero carbs, save the carbs for something better). You can also get fancy with Pedialyte or other drinks that are oriented towards re-hydration that go beyond the standard sports drink. These will replenish you with electrolytes and may help to get rid of the hangover faster – or at least diminish it. 

Whatever you do, just drink something or you are going to feel worse as the day goes on. Guzzle it down.

Even when we are thinking “this sucks”, we make sure to drink our water. This past weekend, since we didn’t have any Powerade on hand we relied on BCAA’s instead. With the fluids in, we started to feel like a million bucks (not really, just less hungover).

chugging water

2. Listen to your body and take that nap if you need it

Everyone wants to be a hero. You have this huge list of things you plan to do on Sunday and can’t wait to do them. That plan goes out the window when you wake up feeling like a railroad spike was driven through your temples as you groggily get out of bed at 10am.

Part of you is going to want to ignore it completely and just try to tough it out. This is where you have to know yourself. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. If you can spare 20 minutes or an hour for a nap, you are probably going to be much more productive than just trying to force your way through everything. Give yourself some rest and scratch some things on your list that are not a priority. 

This past Sunday, Matt took a nice two hour nap while Tiff laid down to read a little. Doing this gave Matt the energy he needed to check off more things on our to-do list than if he had not taken a nap. It allowed us to drop off some returns to the mall, meal prep for the upcoming week, and tidy up the house. Life is about productivity and efficiency, not how many hours you can slog away at something like a blind sloth trying to fold laundry. If you can do something in 3 hours that would take you 4 and a half in a restless state by taking a nap, then take that nap.

time to nap after drinking

3. Sweat it out

This is one a lot of people don’t agree with. No matter how little energy we find ourselves with and lack of motivation, we make sure to get some sort of movement in the day after drinking to sweat out all of the alcohol. Maybe it’s just us, but we find if we stew and sit with how crappy we’re feeling it only gets worse. Your body needs to get rid of the “toxins” and it needs to do that by sweating.

The last thing we want to do sometimes is head to the gym, but we find we need to. We don’t make it some life-changing workout but we make it simple and efficient. This past weekend we were in the gym for only an hour. Push yourself too much and you’ll pay the consequences. As Matt mentioned in his post here, after a night of drinking he went on to compete in a powerlifting meet that ended up putting his lifting career into an early retirement. Don’t let this be you. 

You got to hit the gym. Or run. Or maybe do a sauna or something.

Tiff sweating it out

4. Eat your greens (but also that pizza if you need to)

After drinking, you probably find yourself hungry and scoffing down some pretty unhealthy food before heading to bed. The morning after, it’s time to get back on track. We make sure (well, Tiffany does) that the first meal to eat that day is full of something nutritious and balanced with protein and veggies. 

For the most part, we continue to intermittent fast even after drinking. This past Sunday, we headed to the gym and didn’t get home until around 2. We hadn’t eaten anything yet and had only had our coffee and BCAA’s. To fuel our bodies and kick the nausea that we were both starting to feel, it was finally time to break the fast. Our meal consisted of whatever protein we had in the fridge (deli meat, pulled pork, eggs), any extra veggies we had leftover (cauliflower crust and stir-fry veggies), and a protein shake. 

Unlike the popular opinion, we didn’t need grease to make us feel better. 

That was until Matt succumbed to the devil at the grocery store that night. If we’re being honest, Matt struggled with this past hangover worse than Tiffany. He napped for a while (as talked about above) and struggled to find the energy to head to the grocery store. When at the grocery store, this hangover started talking to him and telling him what his body needed. Thus, while Tiffany enjoyed wings and a salad for dinner, Matt had a pizza. Yes, a full pizza. 

That’s ok. That’s what he needed to feel better. We believe it’s best to fuel your body with healthy foods to get back on track, but if you truly feel you need that grease, just eat it (maybe just a slice or two though). One day won’t kill you. 

5. Don’t beat yourself up and go crazy

One night of drinking shouldn’t cause you to re-evaluate your life. It’s just time to go back to your normal lifestyle and that means for us eating healthy and exercising. And let it be emphasized, it’s time to get back to normal, it’s not time to up the ante. 

The last thing you need after already feeling nauseous and sick because of drinking is to feel nauseous and sick because you’re pushing yourself in a workout or worse not eating. 

Bonus: Cuddle

This kinda goes in line with number 2. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be comatose after drinking. What is a better way to recover from feeling crummy than spending it with someone you love? Cuddling and more generally physical contact is shown to reduce stress and release hormones that aid in inducing a good mood. And really, who isn’t a fan of this? Run, don’t walk to your favorite cuddle spot.

cuddling after drinking

We hope these tips will help you after your next night out drinking. Remember, just listen to your body and focus on getting back to normal!

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