Summer activity kayaking

Best Activities for the Summer Heat

Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a great weekend, we know we did! We spent most of the weekend in the beautiful outdoors (see number 3 below) and topped it off with some highly desired Chinese food (balance right?). Today, we wanted to talk about our favorite summer activities. 

Summer activity kayaking
Kayaking at White Hall Lake

There’s a popular opinion that to be active and healthy, you need to spend your time in the gym grinding it out. In our opinion, this doesn’t have to be true. We only spend 4-5 days in the gym. The other days we make sure to get our butts outside and moving. 

If you need to know anything about Tiffany, it’s that she has some trouble sitting still. Most of our free time is spent on the go (to Matt’s dismay) . Especially being in New England, we want to enjoy the nice weather while it’s here.

There are a bunch of ways that we have been loving staying active outside of the gym this summer. We thought it was time to fill you in on a few of them. 


Who would have guessed right?? We’ve talked about most of our hikes previously so you all know how much we like to challenge ourselves. When we get a free weekend, we like to try some new (or old) hike on Saturday. We make sure to get up nice and early before it gets too hot, bring lots of water and some snacks. If you’re new to hiking, our recommendation would be to start small and work your way up. Some of our hikes are one hour, some are seven. Do whatever works for you. We guarantee you the views after the long climb are so worth it!

summer hiking
Hiking at Mount Monadnock
summer hiking
Hiking at Blue Hills Reservation


Another one of our favorites that we’ve talked about before. We finally got our bikes fixed this summer after they were destroyed by thieves in New York. When we aren’t feeling a hike and our bodies need something with a little less impact, we head to the bike trails. Lately, our favorite trail has been the Charles River Bike Path. We start in Waltham, MA and go all the way into Boston. It’s a beautiful path and peaceful. We’ve been so close to finishing it a few times and hope that we get to before the summer is over. If we don’t have the time to make it to Waltham, we sometimes just take our bikes around our neighborhood. 


This is a new favorite and one we haven’t mentioned here yet. Tiffany’s parents have a two person kayak that they used to leave at the Cape to use. It wasn’t until last year that they decided it was time to bring it home because it wasn’t getting enough use. They constantly told us that we could borrow it whenever but there were two issues. One, it’s heavy and there’s no way we could put that on our car. Two, even if we could put it on the car, we had no clue where to bring it.

Summer activity kayaking

Well, a few weekends ago her parents took it out for a spin on their own to White Hall Lake in Hopkinton, MA. They raved about how nice it was. After getting a tutorial from Tiffany’s dad (and borrowing their car) we decided it was our turn to have some fun. This past weekend, we took the kayak out and it was so much fun! After some bickering we were able to enjoy the serenity. It was a great way to get an arm workout in and enjoy some quality time together.

4.Playing Basketball

When we’re feeling really energetic, we’ll take our energy to the courts. If we’re finding that we have an extra hour or two to spare, we walk to one of our two townie options for basketball courts and play either HORSE or some one v one. We are both very aggressive when it comes to playing basketball so we know when we go to play, we’re coming back drenched in sweat (and maybe a few bruises). We’ve found that this is a good way for us to spend some quality time with each other, let out any frustration we might have (a little pushing and shoving does no one any harm), and just get moving. 


Probably one of the most simple ways to get moving in the warmer months is by walking. We’ve mentioned a few times already (as seen here and here) that we are big proponents of walking. It helps to process the food you eat, it helps to break up the day, and for this topic: it helps to get you moving. This is something that we do all year round regardless of how bad the weather is but during the summer months, our tend to be more frequent and longer than other times of the year. It’s a free, easy way to get moving. 

summer walking
On our morning walk

Bonus: Going Out

Now, what about if you want to experience some nightlife? There are a lot of options if you want to get up early in the morning to the sound of a rooster crowing, but what about if you want to wake up a little later and stay out a for the night?

Go for a bar crawl! Or go dancing! When we go out at night in Boston, the morning after Tiffany will check her Fitbit to see we walked over 10,000 steps just by going out. Between walking between bars, dancing, and even just standing up at bars you ending up getting much more movement than sitting at home.

With all the beer gardens, microbreweries, and speakeasies that are now accessible in even the smaller cities in our areas and hopefully yours it would be a shame to be shut inside during all the summer nights. Even better if you are going out with friends since having healthy social relationships can be one of the most significant factors that impact you’re well being.

Before you throw caution to the wind and reenact the life of Lindsay Lohan in the early 2000s realize it is not all silver lining.all that movement and good vibes from your friends can easily be outweighed by overconsumption of alcohol, eating empty calories from comfort food, and getting poor sleep.

Use some moderation, grab some lower-calorie beverages, and enjoy yourself!

Dog Days of Summer

We hope that gave you some motivation to get your butt outside and moving! It can be tough at first to get in the habit of staying active but once you do, the more you’ll want to because of how great you’ll feel!

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